11 Best Games To Play With A Golden Retriever (Very Fun!)

Playing with your dog helps keep him active, entertained, and out of trouble, especially when your dog is a Golden Retriever. Playtime is a perfect opportunity for you and your dog to bond.

Luckily, there are several fun games that you can play with a Golden Retriever!

Some of the best games to play with a Golden Retriever are Hide and Seek, and Tug of War.

Other ideal games are:

Fetch, Cleanup, Stairway Dash, and various water games. Consider your dog’s age and individual preferences when choosing which games to play.

Learning some of a Golden Retrievers favorite games

will create many memorable moments for you and your furry friend. Read on and learn more about the games that Golden Retrievers like to play!

You are also likely to bond better with your dog when they see you joining them.

When they do as you expected them to, don’t forget to praise them or give them treats.

You can set up all sorts of obstacles to climb over, go around, and crawl under using items in your home.

It is impossible to exhaust the list of games to play with your Golden Retriever. But whenever you have a chance, entertain and bond with them by joining them in the games listed here.