11 Reasons Your Golden Retriever Lays on Your Feet

Golden Retrievers are such a beautiful and affectionate breed of canines; no wonder they’ve consistently ranked so highly among the most popular dog breeds. They love spending time and just being close to their humans every chance they get.  You may have noticed that your Golden Retriever especially likes sitting at your feet or even lays on them, right?

A Golden Retriever will lay on or near your feet for several reasons. It could be a way of marking territory, wanting comfort and safety, or dealing with separation anxiety. The desire for warmth and attention or just a reinforced behavior are more reasons a Golden Retriever would lay on your feet.

Golden Retrievers Lay Next to You to Mark Their Territory

Take note of how your Golden Retriever may lay close to your feet when you’re in a dog park or near other canines.  This is always a subtle way of communicating to other dogs to keep off from their leader.

Golden Retrievers feel comfortable and safe near their owner. When you have a busy day that keeps you away for too long, you’ll notice the jubilation and relaxation in your Golden when you get home.

Goldens Lay On Your Feet For Comfort and Safety

Your Golden Retriever will lay on your feet to establish and keep a connection with you. A Golden’s intentions are almost always good. So, if the behavior doesn’t negatively affect you in any way, take this opportunity to reciprocate the love and affection back to your Golden Retriever.