Are Golden Retrievers Hyper Dogs? (The Truth!)

Despite their high energy levels, a well-trained Golden Retriever can sit calmly for hours.  However, if they’re under-stimulated and not given enough room to blow off some steam, a Golden Retriever’s high energy can be overwhelming.  So, are Golden Retrievers hyper dogs?

Golden Retrievers usually are hyper dogs, especially when they are young.  The high energy comes from their ancestry and history as a sporting dog breed. 

Why Is My Golden Retriever Puppy So Hyper?

They Are Simply Hyper by Nature   It’s in a Golden Retrievers nature to be high energy and always be in a playful mood. They are a somewhat hyper dog breed. 

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It’s a Lack of Exercise

A Golden’s pent-up energy will be released one way or another.   If your Golden Retriever is very hyper, he most likely hasn’t been stimulated through the proper channels. 

Giving them attention only when they’re restless, and not at any other time can create a negative routine. They will come to associate their bad behavior with getting what they want most, your attention.

They Might Just Need Attention


Golden Retrievers can be quite hyper and energetic.  But with the right amount of patience and care, they can be easily trained and tamed to be calm and peaceful dogs.  But remember that even with the training, it’s essential to keep this breed active to release their pent-up energy.