Are Stairs Bad for Golden Retrievers?

Large dog breeds, like golden retrievers, are prone to hip and joint problems, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. Using the stairs can often aggravate and worsen these conditions.  But does this mean that golden retrievers must avoid all stairs?

In general, stairs are not bad for Golden Retrievers, provided they are young and healthy.  Healthy adult golden retrievers can use the stairs but should do so slowly and safely. 

The reason why stairs may be problematic for golden retrievers is that this breed is prone to joint issues, such as arthritis and canine hip dysplasia.

Why Stairs Can Be Bad for Golden Retrievers

Though most golden retrievers can use the stairs without problems, there are a few situations where they should be avoided.

When Should Golden Retrievers Avoid the Stairs?

Using the stairs every day puts a lot of stress on your puppy’s hips and joints, causing inflammation, cartilage destruction, and possible injuries.

When Can a Golden Retriever Puppy Climb Stairs?

If your adult golden retriever is experiencing hip or joint issues, then it is crucial that they no longer use the stairs. Using the stairs will only worsen the conditions, leading to further pain and even more problems.

Golden Retriever Hip and Joint Issues = No Stairs

In most cases, a healthy golden retriever can use the stairs without any problems.  However, due to a golden retrievers’ disposition to hip and joint problems, you will want to ensure they use the stairs safely.

Final Thoughts

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