The 19 Best Toys Golden Retrievers Will Actually Play With!

Toys that golden retrievers like to play with fall under three main groups – plush, interactive, and chew toys. 

Plush Toys


For a golden retriever, plush toys mimic the feel of carrying waterfowl in their mouths. These soft, fuzzy toys often have a squeaker inside that make these toys more attractive to golden retrievers.

Interactive Toys


Interactive toys are those that help you bond with your golden retriever by letting you and your dog play together. These toys help to use up your dogs wild energy. 

Chew Toys

It’s important to understand that your golden doesn’t want to purposely destroy your things. It’s just that their natural desire to chew is not being satisfied, which leads them to seek new objects around the house to chew on. This is where chew toys come in.


Buying toys that meet a goldens natural instincts will go a long way in making sure that your golden retriever will actually enjoy playing with them.