Bite Force of a Golden Retriever in PSI

While Golden Retrievers in general may be the sweetest dogs on earth, individual Golden’s can and do bite from time to time for various reasons.

So why do Golden’s bite?

What is the bite force of a Golden Retriever?

How can you stop adults and puppies of this dog breed from biting?

A golden retriever’s bite force is estimated at 190 PSI, ranking 30th among the strongest bite forces in dogs.

What does PSI mean for a dog bite?

The PSI of a dog’s bite isn’t going to be the same every time they bite down on something

Golden retrievers have a bite force of 190 PSI.

They're only 30th when it comes to powerful bites.

This article can hopefully help identify the bite force of a Golden retriever in PSI, as well as the reasons a Golden retriever bites, and the ways you can stop this behavior.