Border Collie  vs.  Golden Retriever

Border Collies and Golden Retrievers are both much loved canine companions, and each breed has its own unique and lovable characteristics.  Border Collie vs. Golden Retriever: Which is the better dog?

Both breeds are incredibly smart, loyal and loving dogs but Golden Retrievers are a better fit for first time dog owners and families with children, while Border Collies have a tendency to be more high-strung around strangers and other dogs.

Why Choose the Border Collie?

 Energetic and very smart, these black and white wonders were formally acknowledged as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1995.

Why Choose the Golden Retriever?

Designed as a hunting dog primarily, the Golden is a working breed and needs plenty of stimulation and exercise to be healthy and happy

Golden Retrievers and Border Collies are both brilliant athletes with high levels of intelligence.  They’re both unique and intelligent breeds that have oodles of personality and are very loving. That being said, the overall winner is…

And the Winner Is…..


> Essentially, the best breed between the Border Collie and the Golden Retriever depends on your circumstances. > Golden Retrievers do take the first place in the best family pet category, but the Border Collie has exceptional intelligence and responsiveness that is hard to match.