Can Golden Retrievers Live in Apartments?

Not all aspiring Golden Retriever owners live in a house with a big backyard. A Golden Retriever, however, is a fairly big dog with a lot of energy.  But does that mean if you live in an apartment, you shouldn’t have a Golden? Can Golden Retrievers live in apartments?

Golden Retrievers can successfully live in apartments. However, because of a Golden’s high energy levels and need for daily exercise, a Golden Retriever owner who lives in an apartment will need to be prepared to meet their dogs exercise needs with daily walks and outings.

Your Golden Retriever vs. The Size of Your Apartment

Many people recommend extra-small to medium-sized dogs for apartment dwellers, making the medium to large size Golden Retriever fall outside the upper recommended limit. Golden retrievers, however, don’t need as much physical space inside as many people think.

Apartment Life and a Vocal Golden Retriever?

If you live in an apartment, it is important to know that Goldens can be vocal dogs. While Golden retrievers aren’t big barkers, they will bark at strangers, noises they hear, and anyone knocking at the front door.

When you live in an apartment, it’s a bit more difficult to have a potty routine. Those who live in houses can just let their dog out in the backyard to do their business. While some apartments have that privilege, not all of them do.

Golden Retriever Apartment Potty Time!

Golden retrievers were bred to have an endless supply of energy, and it’s crucial for their mental and physical health that they have an opportunity to expend that energy on a daily basis.

Exercise and Living in an Apartment With a Golden Retriever

Absolutely! Golden retrievers are one of the most friendly and social dog breeds there is. A Golden will be very excited to meet and play with the neighbors whenever they can.

Are Golden Retrievers Friendly Enough For Apartment Complexes?