(The Surprising Answer!)

If you own a Golden Retriever then you know that the only thing they might possibly love more than a good game of fetch is the chance to jump in the water and go for a swim!

But do all Golden Retrievers like the water?

No, not all Golden Retrievers enjoy the water.

The Golden Retriever breed in general loves to play and swim in the water, but each dog is unique and occasionally you may find a Golden that does not like the water.

Most Golden Retrievers love, love, love the water

And will swim or lay down in a puddle whenever given the chance! It’s important, however, to introduce a Golden Retriever to water as a puppy so that they can get comfortable around it.

Due to their breeding as a water dog, most Goldens take to the water like a duck.

Teaching your dog to come when called is an important skill when it comes to swimming.

water fun!

There’s nothing more fun that spending time in the water with your Golden Retriever!