Golden Retrievers Really Like To Cuddle

Golden Retrievers are a friendly and affectionate dog breed, who are always looking for ways to please their owners.  Besides that, they’re easy to train, love giving and receiving attention, and make perfect additions to any family! But do Golden Retrievers like to cuddle?

In general, Golden Retrievers love to cuddle! Through cuddling, Golden Retrievers express their love to their owners.  However, some Goldens may be more-cuddly than others.

> Sitting or lying close to you. > Kissing and hugging. > Resting their bodies across your laps. > Sharing a bed with you. > Licking you. > Putting their paws on you.

Ways Golden Retrievers Cuddle and Show Affection

Goldens are family-friendly dogs with even temperaments and out-going characteristics. Apart from their energetic and hopeless devotion to their owners, here are 5 reasons why the Golden Retriever breed is especially cuddly:

Golden Retriever puppies like to cuddle just as much as adult Goldens do. A Golden Retriever puppy, however, has a lot of energy and a short attention span causing it not to want to sit still and cuddle for very long. 

> Bad Past Experience. > Depression. > Illness or Injury. > Fear

4 Reasons Your Golden Retriever May Not Want to Cuddle With You

In general, Golden Retrievers love to cuddle. In fact, they love to cuddle so much, as a dog owner, you may find yourself wanting a little space from your pup from time to time.