Do Golden Retrievers Need Their Glands Expressed?

Golden Retrievers are known for their friendly personalities and intelligence, but like all dogs, they have two glands under their tail that may cause problems if these glands get blocked, and the fluid they secrete isn’t expressed naturally.  The real question is: Do Golden Retrievers need their glands expressed manually?

Most Golden Retrievers will only need their anal glands expressed if problems arise.  You will know that your dog has problems if they regularly scoot their rear on the ground, bite the base of their tail, excrete a pungent liquid at times other than defecation, and/or a red bulge appears near the anal glands.

Some warning signs of anal issues includes but is not limited to: – Excreting a liquid with a foul, fishy smell at times other than during defecation (pooping) – Biting the base of their tail – A swollen red bulge near the general area of the anal glands

There are various reasons for anal gland issues in Golden retrievers.  However, the main cause of this uncomfortable probem is overly soft feces, which is caused when their nutritional needs aren’t being met.

Your best option is to switch out your dog’s food with a higher quality dog food that is rich in fiber and nutrients.

Food’s The Best Remedy for Anal Gland Issues

To prevent them, feed your dog a diet rich in fiber and vitamins, practice good hygiene, and check for the signs to detect any issues as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

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