Does Your Golden Retriever Drool a Lot?  (Should You Worry?)

There are many unchangeable facts of life, including the fact that both babies and dogs are bound to drool. Still, excessive drooling in a Golden Retriever can be both unhygienic and a sign of health issues. That’s why it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to drooling.

A Golden Retriever might drool excessively because they are attempting to cool themselves off, hungry, or experiencing dental issues.  Anxiety can also induce drooling, as can poisoning and some forms of illness. 

11 Reasons Golden Retrievers Drool

– Overheating      – Hunger                – Dental Issues   – Obstructions – Bloat – Motion Sickness – Anxiety – Poisoning – Liver Disease – Seizures – Rabies

When Is Drooling Excessive?

Drooling can be considered excessive when it begins to cause serious health issues. When a Golden Retriever has problems swallowing due to the amount of saliva in its mouth, or it begins to vomit-up spit, there is a medical issue that requires an immediate solution.

- Help Them Keep Cool - Give Them a Snack - Check the Mouth - Visit a Veterinarian

What to Do If Golden Retriever Is Drooling a Lot

Golden Retrievers can develop drooling problems if they have overly large jowls, especially as the spit collects in the folds of their mouth.  However, Golden Retrievers may also drool excessively when they’re overheated or hungry.  Dental issues and obstructions can also cause salivation, as can poisoning and certain diseases and medical conditions.

Final Thoughts