Golden Ancestry: Are Retrievers Related to Wolves?

You may have heard that all dogs are related to wolves, which may be hard to believe when watching your friendly and lovable Golden Retriever in action.  Are Golden Retrievers really related to wolves?

Golden Retrievers are related to wolves. Genetic studies show that all dogs descended from a type of wolf that later became extinct.  Dogs share this common ancestor with the gray wolf of today. Golden Retrievers are a relatively recent breed

Golden Retriever Characteristics

Golden Retrievers are famous for their friendly nature and their willingness to please their human companions. They’re intelligent, obedient, and easy to train.

What Are Golden Retrievers Descendants Of?

When you look at Golden Retrievers’ characteristics, it’s hard to believe that they have any relationship with wild wolves. That notion just seems barking mad.

What the Breeding Records Show

Fortunately for subsequent researchers, Marjoribanks kept detailed written records of his breeding process.  The belief was that Marjoribanks crossed Russian Tracker dogs with a sandy-colored Bloodhound.

Just like all other dogs, Golden Retrievers share a common wolf ancestry with the gray wolf. That common wolf ancestor may be extinct, and as yet unidentified. But the available genetic studies seem clear: Golden Retrievers, like all dogs, are related to wolves.

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