The World of Golden Retriever Coat Colors


Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dogs in the world.  While there are three signature types that fall under the Golden Retriever breed, they have five different coat colors between them.

Golden Retrievers are famous for their long, thick, shiny coats, which can vary in colors from cream to dark gold, and even red, depending on the type.  Some Golden Retrievers will even change shades as they grow into adults.

These lovely dogs have fur that is so pale brown that it’s almost white (think off-white). Many times, they are often mistaken for Labradors due to similar coat colors and markings.

Cream Golden Retrievers

Red Golden Retrievers have a rusty red double layer coat that makes them often mistaken for Irish Setters, which is in their ancestral DNA from when the breed originated.

Red Golden Retriever

It can be challenging to distinguish between a red and dark golden Retriever due to both variations having dark brown or rusty colored coats.  However, Dark Golden Retrievers do not have an amber or red hue in their double layer coat.

Dark Golden Retrievers

Most people will have trouble telling the difference between a light Golden and a traditional Golden Retriever since they are lighter than the standard gold color but darker than a cream. 

Light Golden Retrievers

Traditional Golden Retrievers

The traditional Golden Retriever has a solid coat of warm honey gold-colored double layer fur. Their long, shiny golden locks need daily grooming to prevent messy shedding.

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