Is Your Golden Retriever Too Small?

Since Golden Retrievers are typically classified as a large dog breed, you may have noticed that your dog is not growing to the popular size most commonly associated with the breed.  Is it possible that your Golden Retriever is too small?

How Tall and Heavy Should a Golden Retriever Be?

Golden Retrievers are generally considered to be a medium to large dog that can get quite heavy but much like people there are variances between each dog.

Golden Retrievers are a large dog breed but they are not on the scale of a St. Bernard or a Great Dane by any means. Each type comes with a standard range of sizes and weights, let’s take a look at each type.

Golden Retriever Size Guide

Canadian Golden Retriever

 This breed is known for its short and thin coat when compared to the feathery coat of the American and British breeds, as well as some major differences in size and weight.

British (English) Golden Retriever

This is the breed that comes to mind when you think of the light golden coat that characterizes the breed as well as a thick and broad skull with a muscular build.

American Golden Retriever

The American Golden Retriever is a cultural symbol of the American family even though it can be said that the British Golden Retriever is the resemblance that many think of when they picture the breed.

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