Do Golden Retrievers Have a Favorite Person?

Golden retrievers are a sweet, affectionate and intelligent breed of dog. Their friendly nature and gentle attitude make them the perfect family pet.  But do they become attached to some people more than others? In other words, do Golden retrievers choose a favorite person?

Yes, Golden Retrievers can definitely have a favorite person.  A Goldens favorite person is usually the one they spend the most time with, thereby creating the strongest bond.

Top Golden Retriever Personality Traits

Laid back – These easygoing, gentle giants are loyal to their owners but often just as friendly with new people. Playful – Though they are calm, Goldens love to play. They will be thrilled to run around and play.

There are a number of reasons why dogs in general get attached to certain people. Some are looking for an alpha to follow, where others will be loyal to whoever fills their food bowl.

How Do Golden Retrievers Pick a Favorite Person?

How to Become Your Golden’s Favorite

The good news is, if you have had your Golden since he was a puppy, it will be quite easy to create a strong bond. Even if your Golden is older, the tips below will still help you develop a loving relationship

Final Thoughts

Golden Retrievers love their people and their people’s people, including anyone they meet on the street.  Generally speaking, they do not tend to overly gravitate toward a single person because they like to share their love with everyone.

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