Golden Retrievers:  Pros and Cons

If you have ever pictured the ideal puppy, it would probably be a Golden Retriever! These dogs are perfect for anybody who wishes to find a loving and caring four-legged friend.  However, just as with any other dog breed, there are some downsides of Golden Retrievers to keep in mind.

Pros: Golden Retrievers are loving; make great therapy and family dogs, are playful and love people.   Cons: Golden Retrievers are not great guard dogs, can be mischievous, do not like being left alone, and are prone to health issues that can shorten their life.

The Advantages (Pros) of Golden Retrievers

Now that you are more familiar with Goldens, let’s look into the advantages of being a Golden Retriever owner.

Golden Retrievers Are Easy To Train

Thanks to their intelligence and friendly personality, Golden Retrievers are among the easiest dogs to train.

They Are Excellent Family Dogs and Great With Kids

If children are part of your household, a Golden Retriever might be the perfect dog for you.  Golden Retrievers are naturally caring and protective, making them an ideal family dog.

The upside is that Golden Retrievers are great dogs for families with children. Their personality makes them the best choice for therapy dogs and one of the most loved breeds in households around the world.

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