Good Fruits and Vegetables For Golden Retrievers

It is a well-known fact that fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients that boost the health of humans, so it may occur to Golden Retriever owners that they might also be a good way to supplement the health of their Golden.  What they may not be sure about, however, is exactly which fruits and vegetables are good for Golden Retrievers to eat?

Spinach and carrots are good for Golden Retrievers.  It’s hard to argue against spinach, as it has many health benefits.  Carrots are perfect substitutes for dog treats, especially for overweight dogs.  For fruits, apples are great substitutes for dental treats and contain essential vitamins and fiber.

Generally speaking, it’s best to stick to dog food unless advised otherwise by a veterinarian. Treats like fruits and veggies are best used sparingly to minimize potential health risks caused by some ingredients in them.

Supplementing With Fruits & Veggies For Golden Retrievers

– Boosts antioxidant activity within your Golden Retriever’s body – Helps fight cancer – Promotes healthy aging and potential longevity – Keeps blood sugar levels stable

How Can Fruits and Vegetables Help Golden Retrievers?

> Spinach and Golden Retrievers > Bananas & Golden Retrievers > Apples and Golden Retrievers > Golden Retrievers Love Carrots

Fruits and Vegetables That Are Good for Golden Retrievers

It can be difficult to determine what human foods are safe to feed Golden Retrievers, but it turns out that many of the same things we eat day to day can be great additions to your Golden’s regular diet, some even replacing treats altogether.

Final Thoughts

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