How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Run? (Hint: It’s FAST!)

Golden retrievers were originally trained to retrieve downed waterfowl during hunting.  Due to their hunting pedigree, Golden Retrievers were bred to run fast. So, exactly how fast is a Golden Retriever?

Golden retrievers are very fast. Based on their age and build, a golden retriever, in a full sprint, can run up to 35 mph (miles per hour).

Younger golden retrievers can run up to 20 or 25 miles per hour, which is an impressive number, and they haven’t even reached their full potential yet.

How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Run?

Since golden retrievers historically are primarily hunting dogs, they’re quite good runners, and they have an absolute joy for running!

Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Running Partners?

After what we just learned, it should not be a surprise that golden retrievers are capable of running fairly long distances, and not just that – they’re great at it! This is also due to their breeding.

Can Golden Retrievers Run Long Distances?

As we’ve said, golden retrievers can run long distances, but there is no rule on how long these distances are, and it varies from dog to dog, and from owner to owner.

How Far Can a Golden Retriever Run?

As you can see, golden retrievers are a very fast breed of dog, built not only for speed but also for long-distance running. So be prepared to either do a lot of running yourself or a lot of ball throwing if you have a golden in the family


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