How Much Should a Golden Retriever Puppy Sleep?

Golden retriever puppies are very playful and have a ton of energy. They will explore and play until they can’t keep their eyes open anymore.  They tend to sleep for long periods, making many people wonder if their Golden retriever puppy is healthy.  So, how much sleep does a Golden Retriever puppy need?

How Much Sleep Your Golden Retriever Puppy Needs

Adult Golden retrievers tend to spend more time asleep (up to 12 hours a day) than many other dog breeds because they are big dogs and expend a lot of energy.

There are several other factors that could cause your Golden retriever puppy to want to take naps more often, such as: - The weather - Their diet - Sickness

Factors That Impact Sleep

How To Put Your Golden Retriever Puppy on a Sleep Schedule

Like human babies, puppies have to learn to sleep through the night. Having a consistent routine can help your puppy get more restful sleep, which will keep them healthy and happy!

How To Help Your Golden Retriever Puppy Sleep

If your puppy is having trouble sticking to a sleep schedule, you will need to help them by doing the following two steps on a daily basis:

Final Thoughts

Golden Retriever puppies sleep a lot, so don’t be surprised if they sleep up to 20 hours a day when they are very young.  As your puppy grows, their sleep patterns will change, and begin to conform more to the life of the household.

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