How Much Space Does a Golden Retriever Need?

Because golden retrievers are easy to train, easy to please, affectionate, playful, and gentle with children, they make wonderful pets!  But because a golden retriever is such an energetic dog, they need plenty of space to run and play, which may leave you wondering if your home is big enough for a golden retriever?

Retrievers are large dogs. An adult male is about 23–24 inches in height and weighs between 60-75 lbs. While an adult female is about 20-22 inches tall and weighs 55-70 lbs.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Need A Lot of Room?

Because dogs are territorial animals, it’s important that they have areas in your home for them to play, hide, and sleep. Below are some creative ways on how to create more space for your golden:

Tips on How to Create Enough Space for Your Golden Retriever

Contrary to common belief, exercising your dog isn’t just to keep them healthy. While regular exercises will keep your golden healthy and prevent him from getting too heavy due to inactivity.

Why Exercising a Golden Retriever Is Important

Tips on How to Train Your Golden Retriever

> Make Training Sessions Fun > Make It Safe > Make It Age and Skill-Appropriate > Make It Regular

Although, they’re capable of living outdoors, retrievers enjoy being close to their owners. Because of their large bodies and loyalty to their owners, you need a home with enough space for your dog to roam freely.