How Often Should I Wash My Golden Retriever?

If you own a golden retriever, and have been looking up questions like “how often should I wash my golden retriever?”  There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, but, luckily, we’re going to break down the question in detail in this article. After all, knowing how frequently you should be bathing your Golden is critical.

Goldens are an active breed in nature so you could safely assume they may need to be bathed quite often.  A lot of people refer to this breed as a “water dog”, for the simple fact that they love to swim, as well as being active in the outdoors in general.

You should plan on giving your Golden Retriever a bath once every month or two.  Because of the body oils that Golden Retrievers naturally produce, it’s important that you not bathe your Golden more than twice a month.

How Often Should I Wash my Golden Retriever?

Taking Your Golden Retriever’s Hair Length Into Consideration

Did you know: the shorter your Golden Retrievers hair is the less often you have to bathe them? Although this may be a fun fact, it’s not recommended to cut your dog’s hair short.  Some people even go so far as to shave their Goldens!

In the case of allergies, it may be necessary to wash your dog weekly rather than on a monthly basis to help eliminate dander and allergic reactions from members of your household.

Bathing Schedule To Reduce Owner Allergies

The best shampoo to use is one that’s specially formulated for dogs. It’s recommended that you use a highly-rated oatmeal shampoo like this one at to help in the nourishment of their coats.

What Type of Shampoo Should I Use to Wash my Golden Retriever?

Bathing Tips For Your Golden Retriever

It’s a good idea to introduce baths to your Golden as soon as possible. If you have a new puppy, you should start baths at six weeks of age. Early on, these baths can even be “fake baths” so to speak.

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