How Old Is My Golden Retriever?

If you’ve had your Golden Retriever since he or she was a puppy it’s easy to know exactly how old they are, but for those of us who’ve gotten our Goldens as rescue dogs, or adopted them when they were already adults, it can be difficult to determine their age.  So, how can you tell how old your Golden Retriever is?

In general, you can determine the approximate age of your Golden Retriever by looking at their teeth, body shape, fur color, and behavior.  Looking at these attributes together can give you a pretty good idea as to the age of your Golden Retriever.

Look at Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth To Determine Age

A dog’s teeth will give many clues as to the age range of your dog, and is the factor that a veterinarian will use most often to determine age. Naturally, puppies and young adults will have better teeth than their older counterparts.

Body Shape Gives Clues About a Golden Retriever’s Age

Once your Golden reaches the eight-year mark he is considered a senior, and will gradually reduce his physical activities. At this point he’ll start to develop mild muscle wasting. This reduced muscle tone will lead to a slightly swayback appearance, which is common in an older, large dog.

Observing Behavior Gives a Sense of a Golden’s Age

A fully grown Golden Retriever, however, will be calmer but still highly active and adventurous. A senior Golden retriever, despite being more active than most senior dogs of other breeds, will begin to have reduced energy levels as he passes the decade mark.

Hearing and eyesight are two other things that can give you some insight into the age of your Golden Retriever.  Any hearing problems or the appearance of cloudy eyes will most likely indicate your Golden is seven years of age or older.

How Old? Examining a Golden’s Hearing & Eyesight

We’ve all heard the formula that says that a dog ages seven years for every one human year. Unfortunately, that is not accurate because it doesn’t take into consideration the size and breed of the dog.

Golden Retriever Dog Age vs. Human Age

Winding Up

The best way to determine your Golden Retriever’s age is by observing his physical condition.  Most senior Goldens will have stained teeth and will develop a somewhat swayback physique as they near the 10-year mark.