How to Care for a Pregnant Golden Retriever 

When your golden retriever gets pregnant, it can be an exciting and stressful event for both you and the mother-to-be!  Pregnancy in any species requires some special care, so how should you care for a pregnant Golden Retriever?

One of the most important things to monitor during pregnancy is your dog’s diet. An improper diet can cause discomfort for the dog

Give Your Pregnant Retriever a Proper Diet

During the pregnancy, you’ll be taking your dog to the vet at least once before the birth. At this appointment, the vet will be able to check for any infections or diseases, or any physical abnormalities with the puppies.

Take Them to the Vet When Needed

Even though most births go smoothly, it will be important to know how to contact your vet after normal office hours. Just ask what your vet’s after-hours phone number is, and make sure they know your dog’s due date (they will most likely already know).

Know How to Contact Your Vet After Hours

If the mother is not up to date on her heartworm and flea treatments, talk to your vet. The mother can pass heartworms and fleas to her unborn puppies.

Don’t Give Your Pregnant Retriever Any Vaccinations

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