Is the FURminator Safe for Golden Retrievers?

Let’s face it, Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders. As much as we love them, their constant shedding can drive us buggers. Owners of goldens are always looking for tools to help deal with all their fur.  The FURminator is one of those tools that people often use to brush and remove excess fur from their dog but is the FURminator safe to use on a Golden Retriever?

The FURminator is not safe for Golden Retrievers if used regularly, as it can damage their coat and irritate their skin.  The FURminator is, however, a great tool for cleaning and maintaining the coat of your golden retriever if used only occasionally.

The FURminator (Amazon) is a specialized undercoat rake comb that is designed to remove the accumulated fur of both large and small breeds of dogs.

Before we dive into why this comb has sparked a debate among golden retriever owners, it’s good to examine the makeup of a golden retrievers coat and regular grooming practices to understand the process.

As the name implies, a double coat refers to a second layer of fur, close to the dog’s skin that usually has a soft, wooly appearance.

Double Coated Breeds

Twice a year in the spring and fall, your dog will shed large amounts of their undercoat on a blowout. This happens as the season changes, and it’s a natural process that helps your dog adjust to changes in temperature and weather.

Undercoat Blowout

Undercoats and Grooming

Golden retrievers and other dogs with undercoats require a much higher maintenance level than other breeds because they have so much more fur.

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