Shaving a Golden Retriever

You love your Golden Retriever, and when the hot temperatures of summer hit, you want him to be comfortable.  But how can he be comfortable in the heat with all that thick, heavy fur? Then you think, “I could just shave his fur to keep him cool.” Here’s why shaving a Golden Retriever is a really bad idea.

A Golden has two protective layers of fur, a top-coat and an undercoat. Both coats are vital for protecting a Golden Retriever’s skin.  Shaving a Golden Retriever may do irreparable harm to his coat, causing it to never grow back right.

In the winter, it’s a no-brainer to let your heavy coated Golden stay that way – after all, it’s freezing, and that fur looks super toasty. In the summer, you probably see your Golden panting away after a walk and feel bad for him. 

Why You Think You Want To Shave Your Golden Retriever

Understanding Your Golden Retriever’s Double Coat

A Golden Retriever’s double coat consists of a soft undercoat made of short, densely packed fur designed to protect the dog’s skin from parasites, brambles, and the sun, and an outer coat that grows over the top to repel dirt and water.

Is it Okay to Shave a Golden Retriever?

So, to answer the question, no it is not okay to shave a Golden. A shaved Golden Retriever will be left exposed to elements that their coat was designed to protect them from.

Final Thoughts

While shaving a Golden Retriever sounds like a good idea at first, it is a really poor (and potentially harmful) way to keep your Golden cool during the summer months.

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