The Best Age To Spay or Neuter a Golden Retriever 

We love our Golden retrievers and always want to do what’s best for them, including the decision to spay (female dog) or neuter (male dog).  Spaying or neutering ends up being the best choice for most dog owners, but before you do it, you’ll need to know what is the best age to spay or neuter a Golden retriever?

The best age to neuter a male Golden retriever is after they are one year old. For female Golden retrievers, it may be best not to spay them at all, as spaying can increase their risk of developing cancer. 

Before we get into the specifics of spaying and neutering a Golden retriever it may be helpful to have a list of terms and definitions associated with these processes.

Knowing exactly when to neuter your male Goldens is challenging, as different sources will tell you different things. In the past, the general rule was to get them fixed before they were six months old. 

Ideal Age To Spay Female Golden Retrievers

Some vets and researchers recommend that you don’t spay female Goldens at all. However, if leaving your female Golden retriever intact isn’t a possibility for you, Dr. Benjamin L. Hart recommends that you wait at least one year before spaying them.

Potential Harms of Spaying or Neutering Golden Retrievers

> Increased Rates of Joint Disorders  > Increased Cancer Risk for Female Goldens

How To Care for Your Golden Retrievers After Neutering

> Don’t let your Goldens jump on or off of furniture. >Look at their incisions frequently. > Skip bath time. > Use a cone. > Talk to your vet about getting pain medication.

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