The 5 Ways Golden Retrievers Protect Their Owners

When bonded, dogs will naturally go into protective mode when they feel their owner is in danger.  Many will bark, show teeth, and put themselves at risk to save you.  But what about the friendly Golden retriever? Are Golden retrievers protective of their owners?

Golden retrievers are not known as aggressive or intimidating dogs, but they will protect their owners in certain situations.  Even though Golden retrievers are generally very friendly, they will protect their owners and families by bearing their teeth, barking, and putting themselves between you and a threat.

Will My Golden Retriever Protect Me?

While Goldens are more likely to rush an intruder for pets than to attack, they instinctively know when something or someone presents a danger, and they use the following traits in order to protect you or deter a possible threat.

Golden Retrievers Deter With Their Size

Just by being a large breed dog, Golden retrievers act as a deterrent in many situations. When walking alone at night, having a Golden retriever by your side will keep you safer than walking alone.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Watch Dogs?

Golden retrievers make excellent watch dogs due to their intelligence, alertness and loyalty. As a watch dog, a Golden retriever will alert its owner to any suspicious activity nearby.

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