12 Things Golden Retrievers Like To Do

Golden Retrievers love to play, and there are many ways to spend a day keeping both you and your Golden happy and entertained.  So, what do Golden Retrievers like to do for fun?

Golden Retrievers like to play fetch, spend time in the water, and listen to music. In addition, Golden’s like to snuggle, go to the dog park, or have a grooming session. But a Golden Retrievers favorite thing to do is any form of exercise, which isn’t unusual given the breed’s high energy levels.

Golden Retrievers love to be active! Games or activities that involve a lot of running or jumping are good for most retrievers, as long as you make sure that your Golden is getting the appropriate amount of exercise for their age and current level of health.

Things Golden Retrievers Like To Do

One of the all-time favorite things that Golden Retrievers like to do is play fetch. This dog breed was originally developed to retrieve fallen game, then bring it back to their owner, so this kind of game comes naturally to retrievers.

Chasing a Ball

Golden Retrievers love the water, whether it be a lake, a pool, or the beach! Goldens were bred to be excellent swimmers. They’re good at it and really enjoy it!

Going For a Swim

A Golden is the ultimate family dog, and they love to spend time with their human pack. Not only will your pooch enjoy a good cuddle session, it’s a great way for a Golden Retriever owner to spend time with their loving dog without working up a sweat.

Snuggling On The Couch

Grooming and Cleaning

Golden Retrievers love getting attention from their favorite people! A great way to give them attention and take care of them at the same time is by grooming them.

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