When Do Golden Retrievers Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Just like in human beings, young Golden Retrievers also lose their baby teeth at a certain stage of their development. This process is known as teething.  A Golden Retriever who’s teething will be in some discomfort and you may begin to notice him chewing on inappropriate things around the house to try to ease the pain.

On average, a Golden Retriever will begin to lose their baby teeth at around 6 months of age, as their adult teeth grow in.  Some Goldens, however, can start losing their puppy teeth (also called deciduous or milk teeth) as early as 4 months of age or as late as 7 or even 8 months of age.

Does Excessive Chewing Cause a Golden Retriever’s Baby Teeth to Fall Out?

A Golden Retriever’s chewing on toys or other items is not the direct cause of them losing baby teeth.  Losing puppy teeth is a normal event that occurs as a Golden’s adult teeth come in and push the baby teeth up and out.

Symptoms of Puppy Teething and How To Deal With It

Now that you know your Golden Retriever will start losing his teeth between the ages of four and 8 months, you might be asking yourself about the signs of teething and what to do once you notice these signs

As a general rule, teething Golden Retrievers often lose their baby teeth while eating or chewing, causing them to swallow the teeth instead of them falling out onto the ground.

Do Golden Retrievers Swallow Their Lost Baby Teeth?

On average your Golden Retriever will have baby teeth for six months, then shed them for a new set of adult teeth.  Adult teeth come in almost immediately after losing the baby teeth. Baby teeth come out as a result of pushing by the adult teeth coming in.

How Long Does It Take Golden Retrievers To Grow Adult Teeth After Losing Baby Teeth?


Teething is a natural stage in a puppy’s dental development.  Your Golden Retriever will lose his baby teeth between the age of 4 and 6 months, as his adult teeth are pushing through the gums.