Why Are Golden Retrievers So Cute?  and Lovable

Every dog lover knows a Golden Retriever will melt your heart.  Take one look into those big brown eyes and you’re hooked! Goldens are widely referred to as cute and adorable by everyone they meet.  So what makes a Golden Retriever so cute?

Everything about a Golden Retriever is cute; from their gorgeous golden fur coat to their big soulful eyes, and the happy smile they share with everyone.  However, it is not only their looks that make a Golden Retriever so cute, it is also their playfulness, loyalty, and intelligent personalities.

Golden Retrievers are double-coated dogs, meaning they come with an undercoat and an overcoat. The undercoat is the wooly base hair made up of short, densely packed fur.

Golden Retrievers Have Luscious, Fur Coats

Golden Retrievers Love To Smile

When a Golden Retriever is comfortable and happy, they tend to pull their lips back and hang their tongues out  (with mouth wide open) as they pant, forming a contented smile.

Retriever’s luscious coat is arguably their stand-out feature, it’s impossible to overlook their warm, welcoming eyes. Their tiny eyelids, coupled with their big brown eyes, more often than not give the expression of a kind, warm-hearted canine companion. 

Golden Retrievers Have Cute, Welcoming Eyes

Golden Retrievers are always playful and fun to hang around with due to their highly social nature, which makes them the ultimate family dog.

Golden Retrievers Are Friendly

Golden Retrievers Love To Please

Golden Retrievers are people pleasers. They love to fetch, play games, follow their parents around, and engage in physical activities.  These qualities help to enhance their adorableness and overall cuteness.

While a Golden Retriever’s physical appearance plays a pivotal role in their beauty, their gentleness, friendliness, and mild temperament also contribute towards their rank as one of the cutest and most adorable dogs around.

Wrapping Up

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