Golden Retrievers are so Needy!

Golden Retrievers are hungry for attention. They love to play, cuddle, and hang out with beloved family members. However, while their attention-seeking behavior is entirely normal, it can go overboard (and prove problematic) when they become extremely needy.  So, why are Golden Retrievers so needy?

Golden Retrievers are generally needy because they want attention or are bored.  However, Goldens could also come off as needy if they have separation anxiety, are in pain, or if the owner has inadvertently encouraged the needy behavior.

Golden Retrievers are suckers for attention. If they could have it their way, they’d spend the entire day playing and goofing around with their owners. Maybe your Golden Retriever is a velcro dog and won’t leave your side.

Golden Retrievers Are Attention Seekers

Keeping up with a puppy or fully grown Golden Retriever can prove daunting, especially if you’re not up to the task of keeping them entertained.  By nature, the Golden Retriever breed is a hunting dog, meaning your pooch needs a lot of daily physical activity to thrive.

Golden Retrievers  Can Get Bored

 A Needy Golden Retriever Might Have Separation Anxiety

Golden Retriever puppies tend to exhibit symptoms of separation anxiety more than their fully-grown counterparts.  The behavior is mainly attributed to separation from their mothers and may take them some time to adjust.

Golden Retrievers love attention, especially from their beloved family members, which explains why they’re always trying to impress by playing games, fetching, and wanting to participate in almost every activity you involve them in.

Final Takeaway

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