Why Golden Retrievers’ Faces Turn White 

Golden retrievers are some of the best dogs in the world! They’re friendly and generally wonderful dogs for all types of people and families.  If you have a golden retriever or are thinking of getting one, you may have noticed that over time a goldens face often begins to turn white or gray and wondered why this is and at what age it happens?

A Golden Retriever’s face will begin to turn white or gray starting when he or she is about five years old.  Goldens often develop noticeably white muzzles by age six or seven. Though age is the primary cause of a white face, genetics, stress, vitiligo, and general health can also be significant factors.

Just as in the case of humans, many factors cause graying in golden retrievers. Just like you, your golden has cells in his body that are called melanocytes. They produce melanin, which is a pigment that gives skin and hair its color.

Why Do Some Golden Retrievers Have White Faces?

As your dog grows older, his melanin levels will gradually decrease. As this happens, the white hairs will become more numerous and noticeable on your dog.  It’s also a good idea to remember that larger dogs typically age more quickly than smaller ones.

Graying in Golden Retrievers Due to Age

According to a recent study, you may occasionally see premature graying in a golden retriever dog as young as one to four years old, this can have quite a bit to do with stress.  Specifically, it’s influenced by impulsivity and anxiety.

Stress Can Cause a Golden to Go Gray Sooner

Pretty much without exception, all golden retrievers faces will turn white as they age.  Generally speaking, a golden retriever will start to grow their first gray hairs when they are about five years old.

What Age Do Golden Retrievers Faces Turn White?

Beginning to turn gray is just a part of life for a golden retriever. And while it might be a sign of age, know that your golden will probably continue to act young and puppy-like for many years to come!

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