Why Golden Retrievers Grunt and Groan

Golden retrievers are an extremely vocal dog breed. In addition to barking, they also make a range of other noises, from moaning to grunting. If you’re a golden retriever parent, you may be trying to understand why your golden retriever is making grunting and groaning noises.

Golden retrievers grunt and groan to communicate. They could be trying to let you know that they are hungry, happy, in pain, scared, bored, or just want your attention. It’s essential to observe your golden retriever so you can respond to his grunts and groans appropriately.

If your golden retriever is grunting when doing a pleasurable activity, such as eating, being petted, stretching, or snuggling, he is probably making a grunting noise because he’s feeling happy and content.

Your Golden Retriever Is Happy or Excited

Your Golden Retriever Is Trying To Warn You

Golden retrievers have a strong sense when something or someone isn’t right, and it is something you should pay attention to if the warning groans don’t stop.

If your golden retriever is groaning at a low, long pitch in a stressful situation, he may be fearful or anxious. These situations may include strangers in your home, a car ride, too much commotion around him, or a visit to the vet.

Your Golden Retriever Is Anxious

Golden retrievers are sporting dogs that have lots of energy. If your dog isn’t getting enough time outdoors or enough exercise, he may begin making a grunting sound as a way to expel energy – or get your attention.

Your Golden Retriever May Be Bored

Golden retrievers are incredibly communicative and vocal dogs. Goldens will grunt and groan for various reasons, including when they are content, bored, or scared.  Golden retrievers also grunt and groan when they are in pain, and if your dog is frequently groaning, you may want to consult with your vet.