Why Golden Retrievers Love Tennis Balls (So Much!)

If you have a Golden Retriever you’re no doubt aware that these beautiful dogs have a somewhat fanatical fixation with tennis balls. Golden’s seem to fancy a tennis ball more than any other toy they have. So, why do Golden Retrievers love tennis balls so much?

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Golden Retrievers love tennis balls due to their hunting instincts.

A thrown tennis ball behaves similarly to small prey being hunted, bouncing on the ground frantically.

This excites them

An extreme obsession with tennis balls, however, can lead a Golden Retriever to aggression.


Golden Retrievers are energetic animals that thrive in environments with plenty of exercise.

This is due to their hunting instinct — the real reason they love playing fetch so much.

This is all instinctual, stemming from their ancestor’s need to hunt to survive.

Even though the Golden Retriever is a domesticated breed, the instinct to hunt their prey is buried in their DNA. It comes out when they play fetch.

And while deep down, a tennis ball may trigger a Golden’s prey instincts, the real truth is that a tennis ball is just plain fun!

It’s a fact, Golden Retrievers love tennis balls! Regular games of fetch using a tennis ball is a wonderful game to play with your loving Golden Retriever.