Why Golden Retrievers Pant So Much

Golden Retrievers are beautiful, friendly dogs, but you may have noticed that they pant a lot more often than other breeds.  All dogs pant to regulate their body temperature, buy why do Golden Retrievers seem to pant so much more often?

Dogs don’t sweat through their skin to cool themselves off like humans do. Instead, they pant through their mouths to release excess body heat.

Panting is a Natural Behavior For a Golden Retriever

You’ll also notice excessive panting when temperatures inside a room get warm. In such situations, it’s best to take your furry best friend to a cooler room and provide some water to help him cool off.

Golden Retrievers Pant Due to High Temperatures

Goldens Pant When Excited

Golden Retrievers are naturally excited dogs. They’re always alert, and are easily excited by any activity.

In addition, some Goldens are prone to fear caused by loud noises, which can provoke panting as well.  For instance, fireworks or loud thunder can cause some Goldens to be scared and react by panting, pacing, and/or hiding.

Panting in Goldens Due to Anxiety and Fear

If your Golden Retriever has been exhibiting excessive or abnormal panting not caused by warm temperatures, recent exercise, or excitement, there may be an illness, injury, or behavioral issue to blame.

Is Your Golden Retriever’s Panting Is Abnormal?

Golden Retrievers are naturally active dogs.  Combine this with a heavy fur coat, and you’ve got a breed that has a tendency to pant more than other dog breeds, as they have to work harder to regulate their body temperature, especially on hot days.

Wrapping Up