13 BEST Gifts for Golden Retriever Lovers (All Occasions)

If you or someone you know loves Golden Retrievers as much as I do, then the perfect way to celebrate this fabulous breed is to give a gift that represents your affection for both the dog and your friend or loved one.

But finding the right gift for someone who is gaga about Goldens can be tough, so I scoured the web and found a selection of gift items that are sure to please.

Read on to learn more about the best gifts you can buy for the golden retriever aficionado in your life. These gifts are perfect for all occasions and any time of the year. There are golden retriever gift ideas included in the list for a variety of budgets and desires, and each item can be found on Amazon.com or Etsy.com.

Gifts for people who love their golden retriever.

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Without further delay, here are 13 of the best gifts for Golden Retriever lovers:

1. Golden Retriever Slippers

Silver Lilly Golden Retriever Slippers - Plush Dog Slippers w/Platform (Gold, Small)

These cozy slippers have an adorable design that includes the face of a golden retriever on the toe of the slipper. The face even has soft furry ears that flop out from the pup’s head.

These slippers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit both men’s and women’s feet, so you can purchase them for any golden retriever enthusiast that you may know.

Comfy, warm, and cozy, your friend or loved one is sure to enjoy these.

2. “Hope You Like Golden Retrievers” Doormat

Hope you like Goldens (Golden Retriever doormat)

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Here’s a classic doormat with ‘Hope You Like Golden Retrievers’ written across it. Cuz, if they don’t, they probably shouldn’t come over 🙂

This doormat is available in four sizes, and prices vary depending on which size you choose.

This doormat is made using outdoor acrylic paint to ensure durability. On top of this, the doormat has a rubber bottom side that prevents it from slipping even in wet conditions.

3. Golden Retriever Wine Glass

Golden Retriever gifts Large 17oz golden retriever wine glass stemless/Best Golden Retriever gift

The next item on the list is the Golden Retriever Stemless Wine Glass. It’s a fantastic present for any and all golden retriever owners you may know. In addition, this large, 17 ounce (481.94 g) wine glass is an ideal present for anyone who loves wine almost as much as they love their golden retriever.

The wine glass has a large print of a golden retriever on the front with a love heart included. Because the glass has no stem, it’s harder to knock over and much more durable. This stylish and elegant glass is a perfect gift for a Golden and wine fanatic.

4. Golden Retriever Flower Design Shirt

Golden Retriever flower design t-shirt.

This floral and colorful Golden Retriever Shirt comes in a variety of styles, designs, and colors. This allows you to pick the perfect shirt for your favorite golden retriever owner. These shirts are available for men or women, and there are even unisex options.

Prices for this floral shirt vary depending on the size, but all the prices are pretty reasonable. This gift is ideal for any of the golden retriever owners in your life that love colorful, floral designs. You can also purchase a hoodie version of this shirt from the same manufacturer.

5. Mighty Paw Grooming Brush

Mighty Paw Dog Grooming Brush | Durable Self-Cleaning Pet Brush. 100% Stainless Steel Soft Bent Bristles. Great For Removing Hair, Mats, & Tangles. Soft Ergonomic Handle For Extra Comfort (Green)

While it might seem like this is more of a gift for the dog, I can assure you that any owner of a golden retriever will be the beneficiary of this brush.

The Mighty Paw Grooming Brush is affordable, and it comes in two colors, green and orange. The brush is 100% stainless steel-bent bristles that are durable but not too rough on a dog’s coat. This brush is also very effective at removing knots and tangles in thick dog hair, making it ideal for golden retriever grooming.

The Mighty Paw Grooming Brush also has a comfortable ergonomic handle that allows for easy brushing. Regular grooming is essential for dog breeds like golden retrievers as their coats can regularly become dirty and matted.

Therefore an easy-to-use and effective dog grooming brush is an excellent present for anyone with a golden retriever.

6. Golden Retriever Necklace

Golden Retriever Necklace

This stylish and elegant Golden Retriever Necklace will make any owner of a Golden happy. This necklace is handmade using gold, rose gold, or silver (your choice). You can customize the chain with your preference of material and dog breed for the pendant.

Each pendant is designed and manufactured in-house on a made-to-order basis. This ensures that your golden retriever pendant will be beautiful and unique as it has been specifically crafted for each order. Everyone will enjoy this stylish necklace.

7. Golden Retriever Socks

MeMoi Golden Retriever Bamboo Crew Socks Charcoal Gray One Size

These Golden Retriever Socks are in stock and ready to purchase today. They come available in charcoal grey and black and are an adult unisex pair.

These socks are made from eco-friendly rayon (made from bamboo) and adorned with an adorable golden retriever pattern covering them entirely.

Socks are a classic gift that people receive for various occasions, and golden retriever socks may be the perfect present for your golden retriever-loving friend.

8. Custom Golden Retriever Pet Portrait

Golden Retriever custom pet portrait.

How’s this for a special and unique gift? You can have a custom-made Golden Retriever Pet Portrait created from a picture of your loved one’s dog. 

When you order with this seller, you must send a photo of the golden retriever and the name that you want to be included in the image.

The company will then paint the Golden’s portrait on canvas and ship it directly to you.

Prices for a pet portrait vary depending on the size and type of painting that you order. However, small size paintings are very affordable. This is a very personal, one-of-a-kind present that you can give to anyone who owns a golden retriever.

9. Funny Golden Retriever Dog Apron (Adult)

Golden retriever apron

This funny Golden Retriever Apron will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face.

This handmade apron is made from a cotton and polyester blend resulting in a durable and long-lasting product.

The apron has a print of a golden retriever on the front with the words “Every Snack You Make, Every Meal You Bake, Every Bite You Take, I’ll Be Watching You”.

A fantastic gift for any golden retriever fan that loves to cook or bake. This apron would make a funny birthday gift and is perfect to wear at any social gathering that involves cooking.

Anyone who has a golden retriever will be able to relate to this!

10. Golden Retriever Sign

Honey Dew Gifts A Spoiled Golden Retriever Lives Here 5 inch by 10 inch Hanging Wall Art, Decorative Wood Sign Home Decor, Golden Retriever Gifts

This delightful Golden Retriever Sign will make a great gift for any household with a golden retriever. The sign reads, “A spoiled golden retriever lives here.”

The sign is made from wood in the USA and is ¼ inch (6.35 mm) thick and five by 10 inches (127 by 254 mm) in size. This sign is ideal for displaying indoors or outside.

This sign makes for an affordable and charming gift that your friend or family member can display next to the front door or in their kitchen.

11. Golden Retriever Dishwasher Magnet

Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign Indicator - Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet Funny Golden Retriever - Waterproof and Double Sided Flip with Bonus Metal Plate

The Golden Retriever Dishwasher Magnet is a great and useful gift at an affordable price. As well as being affordable, this gift is also, surprisingly, one of the most practical gifts as it serves a functional purpose beyond just decoration.

This two-sided magnet is designed to be used on dishwashers to tell you if the dishes are clean or dirty. On one side, there is an image of a golden retriever with ‘Dirty’ written beneath, while on the other side, there is a similar image with ‘Clean’ written beneath.

As a result, you can indicate to the other people in the household whether the dishes inside the dishwasher are clean or dirty. This can help you to organize your chores to stay on top of the dishes as well as show your love for golden retrievers everywhere.

12. Golden Retriever Sweatshirt

Golden Retriever sweatshirt.

This cute and comfy Golden Retriever Mama Sweatshirt is a great present for every Golden lover. This women’s sweatshirt is an ideal gift for any golden retriever dog mom you know. The sweatshirt is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors so you can tailor it to your gift recipient perfectly.

The text on the sweatshirt reads, “Life is golden with my retriever.” This is a sweet and enjoyable message for any pet owner with a golden retriever.

The Golden Retriever Mama Sweatshirt is made using a half and half mix of cotton and polyester and will make a comfy addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

13. Golden Retriever Statue Outdoor LED Lamp

Golden Retriever Statue Outdoor with Solar Led Home Garden Decoration Windproof Lamp Realistic Dog Decor(Golden Retriever &LED)

This cute and stylish Outdoor Golden Retriever Lamp is sure to please any Golden owner.

The realistic design will significantly enhance the garden or lawn of any golden retriever household. This statue is also an excellent gift for anyone with a dimly lit property or even for the owner of a cafe or shop.

There are no cords as the lamp is powered by a built-in solar charger that powers the LED light.

The lamp is also waterproof and weatherproof. Therefore you won’t have to worry about bad weather damaging your golden retriever statue.

On top of this, the figure has a unique appearance that provides the owner with a personal tribute to their beloved golden retriever.


No matter your budget, I’m sure you’ll find this list contains the perfect gift idea for that special someone who loves Golden Retrievers with a passion.

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