How Much Should a Golden Retriever Puppy Sleep? (Explained)

Golden retriever puppies are very playful and have a ton of energy. They will explore and play until they can’t keep their eyes open anymore. They tend to sleep for long periods, making many people wonder if their Golden retriever puppy is healthy. So, how much sleep does a Golden Retriever puppy need?

In general, Golden Retriever puppies need to sleep between 15 and 20 hours each day. A Golden puppy is a ball of energy when awake, and needs several hours of sleep after each play session. A young Golden retriever puppy is growing rapidly, and needs all that sleep to grow and build their muscles.

We’re going to discuss how much sleep your Golden retriever puppy needs, what factors cause them to sleep for long periods, how to get them on a sleep schedule, and more. Be sure to keep reading if you have a young Golden retriever pup at home!

How much should a Golden Retriever puppy sleep?

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How Much Sleep Your Golden Retriever Puppy Needs

Adult Golden retrievers tend to spend more time asleep (up to 12 hours a day) than many other dog breeds because they are big dogs and expend a lot of energy. You can expect your Golden retriever puppy to sleep much more than that! It is not uncommon for a new Golden puppy to sleep between 18 and 20 hours each day.

When your new puppy is awake, it is burning a lot of energy, as they are always on the move! They are also growing a lot during this time, which requires plenty of sleep. So don’t be concerned if your Golden retriever pup is sleeping a lot, it is perfectly normal at this stage of development.

Golden Retriever Puppies: Factors That Impact Sleep

In addition to needing sleep to grow, there are several other factors that could cause your Golden retriever puppy to want to take naps more often, such as:

  • The weather: Hot weather can make dogs feel fatigued. You can help keep your puppy cool by taking them on morning walks when the sun is low. Also, you can keep your Golden cool by letting them play in the water. Golden retrievers love water and can even learn to swim if introduced to it at a young age.

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  • Their diet: Problems with their diet can also cause puppies to feel extra sleepy, a puppy needs a high quality puppy food like Blue Buffalo Natural Puppy (Amazon) to provide plenty of energy throughout the day. Poor quality foods are full of ingredients that will sap your pups energy as they try to digest it.
  • Sickness: If your puppy is sick, he or she may start to sleep even more. Keep an eye out for other symptoms, such as vomiting. You will definitely want to talk with your vet if you’re concerned.
  • They are bored: An older puppy (6 months to a year) might be taking naps if there is nothing else for it to do. Make sure that you play with them often and get them to exercise every day. Try to have plenty of puppy toys around the house to keep them engaged.

Overall, it is normal for a golden retriever puppy to sleep a lot as they are growing rapidly, and need sleep to grow and develop. The above factors could also be causing them to take more naps, which is normal. You can try changing their food and getting them onto a better sleep schedule if you are concerned they are sleeping too much.

Even if your young puppy is sleeping for 20 hours a day, they are likely healthy. However, if you have concerns, it is always worth checking in with your vet, especially if there are any sudden changes in your puppy’s sleep habits.

How To Put Your Golden Retriever Puppy on a Sleep Schedule

If your Golden retriever puppy is waking up during the night or being disruptive when they should be asleep, you will need to put them on a sleep schedule. Like human babies, puppies have to learn to sleep through the night. Having a consistent routine can help your puppy get more restful sleep, which will keep them healthy and happy!

The following is a general routine to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Feel free to make any changes that will fit your lifestyle better. Just remember that consistency is the key.

Morning Routine For Your Golden Retriever Puppy

  1. Take them outside for a bathroom break
  2. Give them breakfast
  3. Take them out for another potty break
  4. Spend some playtime together
  5. Naptime
  6. Let them outside as soon as they stir

Afternoon Routine For Your Golden Pup

  1. Give them lunch
  2. Have some more playtime or go on a walk
  3. Let them nap again
  4. Take them on a potty break when they wake
  5. Play with them
  6. Have a potty break
  7. Naptime

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Evening Routine For Your Golden Retriever Puppy

  1. Feed them dinner
  2. Take a walk
  3. Playtime
  4. Bathroom break before bed

While this schedule seems like a lot of work at first, it can be easy, especially if you have other people in the house. Your puppy will want to play with everyone, and you can take turns taking them outside. This schedule will also help greatly with potty training.

By staying on a consistent routine, your puppy will begin to learn that most activity takes place during the day, and he or she will eventually start sleeping through the night. Your Golden will know what to expect each day and will enjoy spending time with you on a schedule that works with your life.

These first few months are where a new dog owner will form a lasting bond with their Golden Retriever, so it’s worth the extra effort now to set up a long term successful relationship with your puppy.
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A Golden Retriever’s Sleep Schedule As They Grow

Your Golden Retriever puppy will start adjusting how much sleep they need as they age. However, it will take some time before puppies can sleep through an entire night without needing to go outside for a potty break.

To determine how long your puppy can be expected to sleep before you need to take them out, you can take their age in months, and add one hour. For example:

  • If your puppy is 3 months old, they should be able to sleep for up for four hours before they need to go outside for a potty break.
  • If your puppy is six months old, they should be able to sleep for seven hours before they need to go outside.

By the time your puppy is ten months old, they should be able to wait longer. However, you will want to let them out to relieve themselves whenever you can. Keeping all routines consistent helps with all aspects of training your Golden retriever puppy.

How To Help Your Golden Retriever Puppy Sleep

For your Golden retriever pup, everything is new and exciting! So exciting that it can often be too difficult to stop playing and go to sleep. If your puppy is having trouble sticking to a sleep schedule, you will need to help them by doing the following two steps on a daily basis:

Daytime Naps For Your Golden Puppy

Make sure your puppy has consistent daily nap times. It may take a while, but you should start to notice when they want to sleep. While your puppy snoozes, make sure you give them space. Cuddling them too much can make it hard for them to fall asleep without you in the future.

You’ll also want to make sure your puppy has a special place to sleep. When you notice they are tired, encourage them to take a nap there. If you are looking for a comfortable dog bed, I like the Furhaven Pet L Shaped Sofa Bed (Amazon). The “Jumbo” size will suit your puppy even as they grow into an adult dog.

Help Your Puppy Sleep Through the Night

Your puppy will likely be sleeping in a crate at night, so they don’t get into trouble. Make sure it is comfortable and appealing to them and put soft, felt blankets inside. Avoid using anything expensive since your puppy will probably chew on them.

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How to get a puppy to sleep through the night.

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Also, make sure that you have their crate in a dark, quiet space, as this can help your puppy know that it is bedtime. Finally, make sure that you have your puppy on a regular sleeping routine – the earlier you start, the better.

Final Thoughts

Golden Retriever puppies sleep a lot, so don’t be surprised if they sleep up to 20 hours a day when they are very young. As your puppy grows, their sleep patterns will change, and begin to conform more to the life of the household. It helps if you have them on a regular sleeping schedule and take them on frequent bathroom breaks.

However, if you notice your puppy is suddenly sleeping more, it would be a good idea to contact your vet so that you can be sure their sudden fatigue is not due to any kind of illness.


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